Blog: Moving from North Carolina

Moving from North Carolina to New Zealand: Mike’s Kiwi Journey

“New Zealand is the epitome of natural beauty and a relaxed lifestyle!”

Hello, I’m Mike. A year ago, I decided to move from Charlotte to Auckland, New Zealand. My love for nature and a desire for a slower-paced life motivated this significant change. Here’s my story.

In my early 30s, I was searching for a fresh start in a place celebrated for its stunning landscapes and friendly people. New Zealand was the ideal choice. Although leaving my life in Charlotte was tough, the promise of new adventures inspired me to stay focused.

Moving Process

Packing for the big move was quite a challenge. Eventually, I decided to bring only the essentials and a few sentimental items. To streamline the process, I enlisted the help of ReloAdvisor. Their service was outstanding—they promptly provided multiple quotes and guided me through every step. Their support significantly eased the stress of my international move.

Securing a visa was the next hurdle. I applied for a skilled migrant visa and actively engaged with New Zealand immigration. The process required extensive paperwork and a great deal of patience. Nevertheless, my persistence paid off, and I successfully obtained my visa.


Firstly, pack only what you truly need. I shipped 12 medium boxes, ensuring everything was securely packed. The professional movers recommended by ReloAdvisor ensured all my belongings arrived safely. Furthermore, research is crucial before moving internationally. I thoroughly researched New Zealand, watched informative videos, and sought advice from friends who had already made the move. Understanding the culture and lifestyle significantly helped me adapt quickly.


Also, ensure your visa application is comprehensive and submitted well in advance. Each visa type has specific requirements, so it’s crucial to gather all necessary documents early.

Additionally, maintain consistent communication with your moving company throughout the process. Regular updates and reassurances from the movers helped keep my stress levels manageable.

Living in Auckland has been a dream come true, and I’m thrilled with my new life here. I encourage anyone considering a move to prepare thoroughly and embrace the adventure ahead.