Blog: Moving from Pennsylvania

Moving from Pennsylvania to France: Sophie’s Parisian Experience

“France is the epitome of culture, elegance, and culinary delight!”

Hi, my name is Sophie. I currently reside in Paris, having moved from Philadelphia a year ago. I’m passionate about art and history, which led me to the cultural hub of France. Let me share my journey of moving internationally and how it transformed my life.

At 28, I dreamed of immersing myself in European culture and continuing my career in the art industry. Paris was the obvious choice with its rich history and vibrant art scene. Though leaving my family and friends behind was tough, my passion for exploring new horizons kept me motivated.

Moving Process

Packing was a meticulous task, as I decided to move only essential personal items and some artworks. I aimed for a smooth transition, so I reached out to ReloAdvisor. Their platform provided multiple quotes swiftly, and their friendly staff guided me through the process. Their efficiency and responsiveness made my move less stressful. I highly recommend their services.

Securing a visa was the next step. As a professional in the arts, I applied for a long-stay visa, which required coordination with the French embassy. The process was detailed but manageable with proper planning and documentation.

Tips from a Mover

I recommend packing only what you truly need. I moved 12 medium boxes, ensuring all items were securely packed. All my belongings arrived in perfect condition, thanks to the reliable moving company I chose through ReloAdvisor.

Before relocating, research is crucial. I delved into blogs, watched videos, and sought advice from friends who had lived in France. Understanding the cultural nuances and practical aspects of living in Paris helped me adapt quickly.

If you plan to move to France, ensure your visa application is complete and submitted early. Whether it’s for work, study, or family reunification, the French immigration system requires thorough documentation.

Finally, continuous communication with your moving company is vital. I appreciated having updates and assurances that my belongings were safe throughout the journey.

Moving to Paris was a life-changing decision, and I’m thrilled with my new life here. I encourage you to prepare meticulously and embrace the adventure ahead.