Blog: Moving to California

Lisa’s Journey to the Golden State

“California feels like an endless summer, with something new to discover every day!”

My name is Lisa, I’m 28, and I moved to California from New York City last year. It was a huge change, but I’m loving every moment. I hope my story inspires you to consider making a move to the Golden State.

Before diving into my experience, I want to thank ReloAdvisor. They provided excellent service, quickly giving me multiple quotes and answering all my questions. The moving companies they connected me with were professional and made the entire process smooth. I highly recommend using ReloAdvisor for your move.

I spent most of my life in the bustling streets of NYC, working in a marketing firm. Despite my love for the city, the stories from friends about the beauty and opportunities in California intrigued me. I began researching and soon realized how much California had to offer.

Moving Process

I decided to move to Los Angeles, captivated by its vibrant culture and sunny weather. Finding a job wasn’t too difficult; many companies here are eager to hire talented individuals. My new employer even helped with my visa and relocation process.

Next, I had to find a place to live. Housing in California is more expensive compared to other states, but the variety is amazing. I opted for an apartment in Santa Monica, close to the beach and my office.

The real challenge was moving my belongings. I wanted a company that could handle my furniture and personal items with care. ReloAdvisor connected me with top-notch movers who provided a full container for my things. The move went off without a hitch.

A Tip

Pack smart and be prepared for the cost of living. California’s beauty and lifestyle are worth it, but you need to budget carefully. Discuss insurance and additional services with your moving company, especially if you have valuable items. My movers offered insurance and extra services, which were incredibly helpful.

California is stunning, with its diverse landscapes and vibrant culture. From the beaches to the mountains, there’s always something to explore. Plus, the food scene is incredible, with influences from all over the world. I’m thrilled with my decision to move here and can’t wait to see what the future holds.