Blog: Moving from UAE

“UAE is the place full of opportunities. It is the best country to start living the fullest”.

Hi, my name is Samira, at the moment I live in UAE together with my family. I enjoy travelling and exploring new locations and cultures. That is why quite a while ago, I moved from the United Arab Emirates to Switzerland. It was the best decision in my life and I would like to share with you my experience of my international move.

When I was 23 years old, I had a dream to study abroad and afterwards travel around the world. I thought that one of the options could be to move to Europe and then start my expedition. Back then I was freshly graduated and I wanted to continue studying. I found a perfect master’s programme in Geneva, Switzerland. I am not going to lie, it was a tough decision because I did want to leave my family and friends. My passion and dream to explore the world helped me to overcome my doubts and I started to look for the best options.

It took me some time to pack my belongings. I wanted to move only personal things because I knew that it was a temporal move. Beginnings are always hard because I had to arrange plenty of things beforehand. So, I found ReloAdvisor. I used their website to receive four quotations. I enjoyed their service because after I submitted the request, I received a call from them. The staff was friendly and helpful, they provided me with solid advice. I can declare that their service was pleasant and quick because I got the price indication even the same day and I could move forward with my relocation process. After I compared the prices and chose a company, I had another headache relating to visa regulations. I had to contact the embassy to arrange a suitable visa.


Tips from a mover

I would like to give an important tip – pack only the most important items and inform the moving company about the volume. Before I went to Switzerland, I asked to move only 10 medium boxes. It made it super easy to relocate such an amount of items quicker. My belongings arrived in Switzerland within few weeks and all boxes came unripped or damaged.

Also, I have some personal tips, which can help you to move from UAE more convenient. Firstly, it is important to arrange the visa. Despite that Switzerland does not belong to the EU, this country requires a visa. You can do it two ways, either ask the embassy to arrange it or submit the online application from the immigration website. Since I was a master’s student I applied for a student visa, but there are different ones too, such as work or family reunion visas.

It is important to make good research before moving out. My first step was getting to know the country I was planning to move to. I read other blogs, watched videos and asked my own connections for some information. Following up, I did extensive research about moving companies. For me at that time was important to find a company, which has additional services such as packing and insurance. I wanted to make sure that I will not face any damages. In addition, for me, it was important to have constant communication either by email or phone. A big plus is when the moving companies use social media channels. Since I was moving quite far, I needed to be assured that my belongings reach the location and deliver them from door to door.

Eventually, I moved my items successfully and I had a smooth start in Geneva!

I want to wish you good luck with your move! Make sure that you prepare your move in advance and make good research. Also, make sure to have constant communication with the moving companies and ask for necessary services.