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Relocating to Austria

Moving to Austria: the complete guide

If you are considering moving to Austria have a look at the information we gathered for you. If you are a European citizen the whole relocation process will be much easier. Austria is considered a very good place to live for expats. The country has a wide variety of landscapes, jobs, and social opportunities. However, relocating can be a big step. This is why you should consider the pros and cons of starting a new life here. Luckily for you, we collected a few interesting facts that will help you in your choice.

Moving to Austria as an EU citizen

European citizens do not require any specific VISA documentation when moving to Austria. However, if they wish to stay for a long period they will need a certificate of registration.

Moreover, the country is one of the richest in the world and is located in Central Europe, surrounded by eight countries. Austria has a population of 8,439,137 people and Vienna, the largest city in Austria has a population of 1,794,770. The life expectancy at birth is 79.5 years. According to Mercer’s 2014 Quality of Living, Survey Vienna is the top regional spot among European cities.

Austria is highly mountainous with crystal clear lakes and extended forests.  Foreigners and expats will enjoy the climate of Austria. The cold and snowy weather opens up a wide range of snow activities:  skiing, snowboarding, sleigh rides, and skating are very popular during winter. Expats who are fond of hiking can tackle the famous Austrian Alps during summer.

Expats in Vienna

Why is Austria the best place to live?

Austria is a great place to live thanks to its variety of nature, food, and culture. Its incredible history, architecture, and art made the country the best place to live.

Expats who are beer lovers will enjoy the superb taste of Austrian beer, not to mention Austria’s exciting nightlife. As part of your decision to move it is also necessary to learn basic German. Some other languages spoken are Croatian, Hungarian, and Slovenian. Austria is also home to famous composers like Beethoven and Mozart.  For this reason, Vienna is considered the European capital of classical music. 

Expats and visitors will be amazed by the excellent transportation system ranging from underground trains to trams and buses. With a low crime rate and a stable government.

Move to Austria

Moving to Austria: a useful checklist to help you move smoothly

Here is a list to find out extra information to help you move to Austria smoothly:

  • Relocating to Austria may require shipping over some personal possessions from home, and expats will need to be aware that there will be regulations to comply with and duties.
  • Expats who are preparing to relocate to Austria will find a variety of available job opportunities, particularly in the electronics, chemical, electrical and mechanical, and steel industries. 
  • Banned from entering this country are all pornographic materials in any medium.
  • European citizens do not need a visa or permit to work or stay in Austria. The only requirement is to register at the local police station within three days of arrival.