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For those coming from a non-EU country to live in Austria, you will not have to pay tax and duties to import the following non-commercial items:

  • Household effects, such as furnishings and linen for personal use
  • Bicycles, motorcycles, motor vehicles and trailers, camper vans, private airplanes, and pleasure craft (boats)
  • General supplies for the house in normal quantities
  • Domestic pets 
  • Portable instruments for applied or liberal arts

If you are relocating to Austria from another country in the European Union, you will be able to move goods freely thanks to the free movement of goods in the EU laws. This is the case for all goods, apart from tobacco or alcoholic beverages in your personal luggage. If you want to bring excessive amounts of these items to Austria in your personal luggage, you will have to prove that they are only for personal use.

Customs regulations and permits for Austria

For third-country nationals / moving from outside the EU

Prohibited and restricted items in Austria

These are the limits for tobacco and alcoholic beverages:

  • Cigarettes: 800 items
  • Cigarillos: 400 items
  • Cigars: 200 items
  • Smoking tobacco: 1kg
  • “Heated ‘heat-not-burn tobacco”: 800 tobacco sticks or, in different packaging: 250g of tobacco content
  • Spirits: 10 liters
  • Alcoholic beverages other than beer, sparkling wine, or wine, up to 22% volume
  • Wine: a maximum of 60 liters of sparkling wine, or 90 liters of other wine
  • Beer: 110 liters

If you are coming from Hungary, the most cigarettes you can import without paying tax is 300 pieces. If you want to bring more than 300 pieces, you need to declare this at the customs office and pay tobacco duties.

You cannot enter the following items in Austria:

The following items are prohibited from checked baggage and carry-on baggage:

  • Fireworks and sparklers
  • Oxygen cylinders
  • Gasoline and fuel paste
  • Camping gas
  • Oxidizing and corrosive substances
  • Tasers
  • Paint
  • Alcohol with more than 70% strength
  • Poison and household chemicals
  • Battery-powered transportation devices, such as hoverboards

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