Minimum wage and average wage

The median annual salary in France is around € 37.713 ($ 43.755) which is just above the OECD average. However, residents are subjected to progressive tax rates.

Minimum salary

The minimum wage in France (known as the SMIC) is expected to go up by 2.2% from October 1. As of yet, the minimum salary is 1,539 ($ 1785).

It should be borne in mind that those under 21 are entitled to a lower minimum wage 

What is a good salary in France?

The typical salary in France for one year is around 49,500 ($ 57,437). Salaries tend to range between 12,500 ($ 14,504), which is the lowest average, to 221,000 ($ 256,438 which represents the highest average. The average yearly salary indicated is comprehensive of housing, transport, and other expenses. Normally, the great difference between salaries depends on the differences between careers. 

Average annual salary

When it comes to calculating the average salary different variables should be taken into account. For example, your field and experience will have a major influence.

Here are some examples of average annual wages:

Occupation Average salary in euros/ in USD:

  • Nurse: 35,900 – $ 41,656
  • Primary teacher: 45,547 – $ 52,850
  • Architect: 46,000 – $ 53,376
  • Software Engineer: 41,143 – $ 47,740
  • UX Designer: 41,637 – $ 48,313
  • Web Developer: 31,815 – $ 36,916
  • Product manager: 46,000 – $ 53,376

The most demanded jobs and their remuneration

France is home to many companies that provide those who are qualified with a diverse range of good jobs. Additionally, the majority of staff are unionized and this involves many rights and excellent job security. Despite this, there is a shortage of qualified workers to fill vacancies in the information technology (IT), health and engineering sectors.

Occupation Average salary in euros/ in USD:

  • Professionals from computer science and IT € 45,700 – $ 54,300
  • Allied professionals in the healthcare sector: € 74,000 – $ 87,930
  • Aerospace, Automotive, Mechanical, Metallurgy, Engineering € 80,300 – $95,420

salaries in France

The work culture of France

  1. The French workplace is quite formal and conservative. 
  2. Meetings are usually arranged well in advance. There is little time wasted in these meetings. 
  3. There are rarely meetings held without a clear purpose and agenda. 
  4. Usually, at a first meeting, the more formal Monsieur or Madame titles are used, and then introductions include full names. 
  5. A handshake is common among professionals.
  6. It is considered rude to be late to a scheduled appointment. Punctuality is well-regarded
  7. There is very much a ‘work hard’ ethos across businesses in France. The usual day is from about 9 am to 6 pm, with a long lunch of anything up to two hours. 
  8. It’s not uncommon to work late into the evening when necessary to meet deadlines. 
  9. There is a little blurring of the boundaries between different job roles.

French Work Culture: Dress Code

In France much importance is given to fashion and appearance: men should wear dark-colored, formal suits. Women can also wear business suits or formal dresses in soft colors. First impressions are largely influenced by appearance. Accessories should be of high quality. One’s appearance is the reflection of his/her social status and success. Always try to wear stylish clothes to look good.