Minimum wage and average wage

The median annual salary in the Netherlands is around € 36,000 ($ 39,400), which is relatively high. However, residents of the country are also subject to a fairly high taxation.

Minimum salary

The minimum wage in the Netherlands is one of the highest in Europe. It has been growing steadily and is currently at 1,635 euros ($ 1,790) a month for a full-time job. The government adjusts the minimum wage twice a year, on January 1 and July 1.

It should be borne in mind that those under 21 are entitled to a lower minimum wage.

What is a good salary in the Netherlands?

Whether your salary is enough to live well depends on where you live in the Netherlands. The payroll with which you can live happily in the more rural parts of the country may not be enough to cover basic expenses if you live in a big city. In general, an annual gross salary of € 45,000-55,000 ($ 49,200-60,140) should be sufficient regardless of where you settle.

Average annual salary

When it comes to calculating average salaries, there are quite a few variables at stake. It usually depends on your field and your experience, but other factors can play a role as well. Here are some examples of average annual wages:

Occupation Average salary in euros Average salary in USD

  • Nurse: €20,000 – $23,414
  • Primary teacher: €31,000 -$36,291
  • Architect: €35,000 – $40,974
  • Software Engineer: €47,000 – $55,023
  • UX Designer: €54,000 – $63,218
  • Web Developer: €59,000 – $69,071
  • Product manager: €60,000 – $70,242

salaries in the Netherlands

The most demanded jobs and their remuneration

At the moment, the Dutch labor market is experiencing a demand for substitution. This means that the workforce is aging and many professionals need to be replaced by new workers. The greatest demand is expected to occur in the following sectors:

– business and administration professionals (managers, business analysts, HR specialists)

– associate professionals (engineering technicians, office supervisors);

-legal, social, and cultural professionals (lawyers, economists, and journalists).

Mid-level positions in the sales industry will also see growth in the coming years.

Occupation Average salary in euros Average salary in USD

  • Sales Associate €28,000 – $30,590
  • Journalist €40,000 – $43,700
  • HR Director €50,000 – $54,630
  • Marketing Director €51,000 – $55,770
  • Accounting €51,000 – $55,770
  • Lawyer €84,000 – $91,780

The work culture of the Netherlands

  1. In the Netherlands, everyone is punctual.
  2. Respect everyone’s schedules and don’t be late for meetings or any other appointment.
  3. Employees usually adhere to a certain work schedule.
  4. The typical workday begins around 08:00 or 09:00 and ends at 17:00 or 18:00. It is not uncommon to leave work early.
  5. Efficiency is the key. You can go out earlier or go home often, but never at the cost of work results.
  6. Lunch at the workplace is considered a quick break. It is not usual to do business over lunch or go on very long outings.
  7. Business structures are usually flat and non-hierarchical.
  8. The Dutch often draw a strict line between professional and private life. Spending time with colleagues on weekends or in other non-professional circumstances is quite rare.

Netherlands Work Culture: Dress Code

Most companies in the Netherlands are relaxed when it comes to the dress code. This is especially true for start-ups and many IT-oriented companies. However, there are also more traditional companies, where the suit and tie are more appropriate. The best practice is to always follow the example of your colleagues or your boss. If you want to get off to a good start right away, you can always ask your HR department about the common work dress code.