Culture of the USA

The culture of the USA is an incredible melting pot of hundreds of different cultures from all around the world. In addition to the Native Indian Americans, the country was built on immigration from other countries.

The USA is the third largest economy in the world and is home to 332 million people. The incredible diversity that makes this country so great, is also reflected in its food. Different types of meat and vegetables are constantly mixed to create delicious meals!

Finally, is worth mentioning that culture in the USA means also sport. In fact, there are an estimated 2 million fans who support sports such as football, baseball, basketball, and hockey, among other sports.

culture in the USA

Things to Know About U.S. Culture

When talking about the USA you should think big! In this country, everything from food to cars comes in a bigger size. Many restaurants offer meals in big sizes and it is not uncommon to take the leftovers at home with you. Americans seem to have a weakness for large cars. It is very common to spot giant SUVs in parking lots everywhere you will go.

Part of the American culture is also making small talks. This type of conversations can cover a broad range of topics. So don’t be puzzled if at the bus stop or whilst in line someone will start talking with you about the weather.

Finally, Americans are famous for their independence. From a very young age, they are thought to be independent and self-sufficient. This is why after graduating from high school lots of students find their college far away from their homes.

American Work Culture

The American workplace is highly competitive and highly demanding. Although Americans feel that a job should be fulfilling they also believe that there should be a better balance between work and private life. Lastly, the United States is surprisingly behind the rest of the world in terms of vacation days and paid time off.

culture in the USA