The most demanded jobs in the USA and their average salary

Since early 2020, the pandemic has shown that business sectors like hospitality, retail, and food service were hit hard by COVID-19. On the other hand jobs in the health sector have experienced an increase in their demand. Look at this five high demanded jobs:

1. Nurse Practitioner

To become a nurse practitioner you need a verified degree and to be a registered nurse. Like a doctor, these professionals perform advanced physical assessments, diagnose medical conditions, and develop treatment plans.

2. Genetic Counselor

Advancements in genomics and genetic testing have created demand for genetic counselors, who work with individuals and families to provide risk assessment, education, and support for inherited conditions.

3. Occupational Therapy Assistant

An occupational therapy assistant provides rehabilitative services to patients who have sustained an injury, have a disability, or are experiencing physical and/or cognitive changes.

4. Statistician

Statisticians are mathematical professionals who gather, analyze, and interpret massive volumes of data to help businesses, governments, and organizations with their decision-making processes.

5. Information Security Analyst

These security experts serve as the gatekeepers of information systems, protecting data stored in computer systems and networks from  cyber attacks, malware, and data breaches.

When looking for jobs in the USA you should keep in mind the living costs that your new American life will involve. Additionally, when it comes to choose your future career you have to consider multiple factors that might influence your choice. For instance, educational requirements and your personal interests play a major role in this decision. Of course earning potential is another valid requirement for picking a career.

The following jobs have the highest salary:

  1. Cardiologist  $351,827 per year
  2. Anesthesiologist $326,296 per year

  3. Orthodontist $264,850 per year

  4.  Psychiatrist  $224,577 per year

  5. Surgeon  $216,248 per year