Culture of the UAE

UAE is a cultural Hub spot, representing more than 200 nationalities.

The Emirates has a rich culture and heritage that reflects traditional Arab and Islamic values. Also, it encompasses architecture, sports, occupations, traditions, arts, crafts, food, places of historical and archaeological importance.

UAE has annual festivals such as Qasr Al Hosn Festival, Sheikh Zayed Heritage Festival, Sultan bin Zayed Heritage Festival, Sharjah Heritage Days bring alive the UAE’s heritage and gives the chance for the new generation to experience and value it.

The diversity of UAE’s culture can be experienced through art, music, dance, literature, and theatre. UAE is famous for its art galleries and museums, which show the past and the future of this country.

UAE is a unique destination because it has heritage villages. Heritage villages are a complex of structures that include traditional houses, schools, markets and public spaces. All emirates have at least one heritage village.

Lastly, it is important to highlight the traditional cuisine of the UAE. It is a reflection of the diverse culture of the UAE, augmented with a number of spices and ingredients such as dates, cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, saffron, etc.


Living conditions

Not like in other countries, the working week starts on Sunday and weekends are on Friday and Saturday.

In general, the standard of living is very high.

UAE is one of the safest countries because the crime rate is very low.

According to our expats, UAE is a paradise in the Middle East, with tons of opportunities for everyone. The majority of business corporations help expats with visas and working permits.

The biggest advance UAE has – no income tax. Expats who relocate long-term to Dubai can legitimately earn their salary free from income tax.

It is important to highlight that in UAE, no matter in which Emirati you live, you can earn a fantastic salary. Although, keep in mind that rent, groceries, and bills can amount to surprisingly large sums.

A nice fact:  specifically Dubai is a very tolerant emirate. It is also one of the most moderate in terms of applying the rules of Islam to everyone’s everyday life.


Social life

According to the expats, social life is diverse. Each day presents an opportunity to meet up and hang out any time in a day.

If you are wondering about the cultural and social bridges, there are no worries in the Emirates. In fact, expats make up the vast majority of the population in Dubai – less than 20% of residents are citizens. It means you will be able to adapt and find the right people to spend some quality time with or join sports clubs.

Younger expats have a big party scene, which involves going out to bars and clubs. Many people go out very often because, with no tax to pay and lower property prices, they’ve got more money.

In general, Emiratis are social. They like to meet people and continue to hold regular gatherings at home or social venues. They are warm hosts and treat their guests with the utmost honor.

Many residents join a sports club or beach club which gives them a ready-made social life as well as activities. There are hundreds of different societies ranging from the Irish Society and choirs like the all-female Dubai City Sound to running, rowing, and bicycle clubs.

Many experts claim that, if you really want to get things done, you need to invest in your relationships; meaning, actually go out and talk to that person.

If you want to get to know the social life of the UAE, we highly recommend visiting Dubai or Abu Dhabi.