Blog: Moving from New York

Moving from New York to the United Kingdom: John’s London Move

“The United Kingdom offers rich history and a vibrant culture!”

My name is John, I’m 36, and I moved to London, United Kingdom from New York City two years ago. The transition was significant, but the UK’s charm made it worthwhile. I hope my story inspires you to consider the United Kingdom for your next move.

First, a big thanks to ReloAdvisor for their outstanding service. They provided multiple quotes quickly and answered all my questions. The moving companies they recommended were professional and made the process smooth. I highly recommend using ReloAdvisor.

I spent most of my life in New York City, working in the finance sector. The stories about the UK’s rich history and vibrant culture intrigued me. After some research, I decided to make the move.

Moving Process

I chose London for its vibrant community and job market. Finding a job was straightforward, thanks to the city’s expanding finance sector. My new employer helped with the legalities and healthcare requirements for the move.

Housing in London can be expensive, but I found a beautiful apartment in a historic neighborhood. The next step was moving my belongings. ReloAdvisor connected me with reliable movers who handled everything from packing to unpacking. The move was seamless.

A Tip

Plan your move during the spring to enjoy the mild weather. Also, ensure your moving company provides comprehensive services, including insurance. My movers offered great insurance options, which gave me peace of mind.

The United Kingdom is amazing with its rich history and vibrant culture. From the historic sites of London to the scenic beauty of the countryside, there’s always something to explore. I’m thrilled with my decision to move here and look forward to many more adventures.