Moving to the Netherlands

The process of moving to the Netherlands requires that you consider how to send your household goods here. And although the mode of transport is entirely up to you, you will have to comply with the same customs regulations whatever it is.

The good news is that the Netherlands does not impose rigid rules for the importation of personal effects. They can enter the country without major problems or taxes. However, if you want to bring food, it can be a bit more complicated, since the country has significant restrictions on this.

Other good news is for nationals of EU / EEA member countries and Switzerland. And it is that, regardless of the regulations that apply to third-country nationals, the one that applies to the Swiss and those of the EU / EEA is more lenient. They are allowed to import more alcohol and tobacco and have no restrictions on bringing money.

Moving to the Netherlands with pets is also easier if you move from another European country. For anyone moving from outside the EU / EEA or Swiss borders, getting the necessary vaccinations and tests can take a few months. Free borders allow Europeans to take care of the move of their pets in a matter of a few weeks.

When moving to the Netherlands, it is very likely that you will move to a place without furniture, as they are the most common option. Therefore, taking your furniture is not a bad idea. However, in that case, it may be important to choose a suitable warehouse for your belongings. This way, you will be ready to make your new home as soon as you arrive in the Netherlands.

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Customs regulations and permits for the Netherlands

For third-country nationals / moving from outside the EU

Netherlands Customs does not tax personal luggage, sometimes referred to as travel accessories. These are consumer goods intended for personal use.

You can bring medicine for your own personal use or that of your children. To show that they are for personal use, they may ask for a prescription. When traveling with medications, be sure to keep them in their original container. Also, be aware that some medicines, such as strong painkillers or drugs that induce sleep, may be listed as narcotics in the EU. That is why it is better to play it safe and check whether the medication you are using is allowed in the country or not.

Prohibited and restricted items in the Netherlands

  • Large sums of cash or securities (more than 10,000 euros ($ 10,990))
  • Animal and food products
  • Art objects and antiques
  • Cars and motorcycles

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You cannot enter the following items in the Netherlands:

  • Protected animal and plant species (tigers, snakes, sharks, elephants, etc.) or products made from them (bags, jewelry, coats, etc.)
  • Weapons and ammunition
  • Toy or fake guns that mimic the real thing
  • Narcotics