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 Culture of the UK

The culture and social customs of the UK are variegated and very unique. Before moving to the UK, take some time to research and learn about this country’s unique cultural aspects and social norms.

Things to know about the British culture

Before moving to the UK check these cultural and social aspects:

  • People here are usually very polite, making large use of words such as “thank you”, “please”, and “sorry”. 
  • British people are punctual. This means that being late for work or appointments is considered very rude. If you do not make it on time, contact immediately those involved. 
  • Don’t try to skip the line. In the UK jumping the queue will make people around you extremely unhappy. Therefore, be patient and respect the line.
  • If someone invites you to his own place, it is a good habit to bring a small gift with you. Wine, flowers, or chocolate are perfect gifts for the host!

UK national sports  

Thanks to the highly diverse culture, the UK is home to a variety of sports. The most popular game is football with more than 100 teams. The most popular league is the Premier League where the 20 best teams in the UK challenge each other. Another important sport is Cricket. This sport became famous in the 17th century. There are 18 professional teams spread all over the country who participate in the First Class County Championship each summer. Along with football, rugby is one of the most popular games in the UK and is divided into Rugby Union and Rugby League. Finally, the interest in Tennis is growing every year. This is mostly due to Wimbledon which is the most important tennis tournament in the UK.

The Tea Culture Tradition of the UK

When talking about the culture of the UK, we need to mention the infamous afternoon tea culture. It is indeed true that tea is a fundamental pillar of this country. British people regularly drink it at any hour of the day, even before sleeping at night! However, this action becomes more special at 5 pm. People gather together and sit in a cozy tea house, and start sipping tea cups with delicious food.

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Pub culture

Going to the pub after work, or just to enjoy your weekend is a very important tradition. Many people have their favorite pubs, and going there becomes a ritual. A trip to the pub is not just drinking some beers, but it involves much more. This can involve playing fun games like darts, eating good pub food, or watching sports altogether. Because in the end, it all comes down to being together surrounded by a cozy atmosphere.