How to organize my removal?

How to organize my removal?

ReloAdvisor checklist for expats


When moving, there are many things to take care of. To successfully complete all your moving preparations in time, you need to know how to organize your move well. The most important thing to remember is that you should take enough time to get ready. Packing can take longer than you expected and you may suddenly remember things you have forgotten but are important.

Preparation phase


Begin your preparations two to three months in advance. You need this time to find the best removal company for you, figure out your moving costs and budget, prepare the packing supplies and think about how to organize the packing, etc.

Before searching for a moving company, we suggest making a list of items you want to move. Moving can be expensive, especially if it is long distance, so you will certainly be looking for efficient ways to cut down the cost. The best way to reduce the moving cost is to lighten the load. Therefore, we advise either to declutter your rooms or sell unwanted items.

Receiving quotations


By checking the quotations, you can have an idea of how much your move can cost. For instance, in ReloAdvisor you can receive up to 4 free quotes from moving companies around the globe. At the end of the request, you can notice the estimation. However, depending on the moving date and volume, the prices can change.

Remember that the lowest quotation is not always the best one. However, if you want to move cheap be sure to ask what the quotation includes. Normally, the extra services are not included. So, you have to check how much these services can cost you.

Selecting a moving company

After comparing the prices, we suggest checking online reviews of different removal companies. Also, we strongly advise looking if the company exist on search engines and social media platforms. Strong brand representation and image can make a decision process smoother.



When you are packing, make sure you have enough packing materials. People generally underestimate how many things they have and need to go and buy some extra. A solution to this which will save you time is to ask the removal firm if it can deliver the moving supplies to you.


Actual moving

We advise you to organize your move in advance, For example, if you are planning to move overseas, make sure to book a flight on time. Also, if you have a vehicle, make sure to find a moving company, which is able to ship your transportation.


How to calculate the volume of the move?

  1. Make a list of items, you wish to move;
  2. Use volume calculator. It will show approximate volume in cubic metres and cubic feet;
  3. Use calculated volume for price comparison;
  4. Receive the quotations and check whether is possible to move more/fewer items.


Volume differences


ReloAdvisor allows the users to indicate various volumes for the move. In this way, the moving companies can provide more accurate quotations. Since we get many questions about the volume, we would like to share some essential meanings and differences.

In total there are 4 moving sizes available on our website:

  • Boxes or luggage
  • Few pieces of furniture
  • Part of household
  • Complete household

Boxes or luggage

It is the smallest volume, less than 3m3. In the request form, you can indicate as option ‘1-3 boxes or luggage’.

Under this category we have:

  • Boxes (large, medium, small)
  • Suitcases (large, small)
  • Wardrobe box
  • Gym equipment

Few pieces of furniture

It is a slightly bigger volume, between 3-5m3. In the request form, you can indicate ‘4-10 boxes or luggage’. If you have more than 12 boxes and some furniture such as bed, TV, table and etc., we would use this category.

Part of household

This category has a volume of 5-8m3. You can choose this when you want to move some big furniture such as bed, sofa, wardrobe and some large boxes (approximately 20).

Complete household

This is the biggest category. The moving size is more than 8m3. For instance, if you want to move 2+ bedrooms including heavy furniture, this category is for you.