Blog: Moving from Michigan

Moving from Michigan to the Netherlands: Rachel’s Dutch Experience

“The Netherlands is a blend of historic charm and modern innovation!”

Hi, I’m Rachel. Two years ago, I moved from Detroit to Amsterdam, Netherlands. The experience has been transformative, and I want to share how this move has enriched my life and broadened my horizons.

At 33, I sought new professional opportunities and a deeper cultural experience. The Netherlands, with its rich history and modern lifestyle, was the perfect destination. While leaving behind my life in Detroit was challenging, the excitement of new possibilities kept me motivated.

Moving Process

Packing for the move was a meticulous task. I decided to bring only essential items and some personal mementos. To facilitate the move, I contacted ReloAdvisor. Their service was excellent, providing quick quotes and helpful advice. Their support made my international relocation smoother and less stressful.

Securing a visa was the next step. I applied for a work visa, which involved detailed paperwork and coordination with the Dutch embassy. The process was complex, but with careful planning, I successfully obtained my visa.


Pack only the essentials. I moved 15 medium boxes, ensuring everything was well-protected. The professional movers recommended by ReloAdvisor ensured all my belongings arrived safely.

Research is crucial before moving internationally. I read extensively about the Netherlands, watched informative videos, and sought advice from friends who had moved there. Understanding the culture and lifestyle helped me adapt quickly.

Ensure your visa application is thorough and submitted well in advance. Each visa type has specific requirements, so gather all necessary documents early.

Maintain communication with your moving company throughout the process. Regular updates and reassurances from the movers kept my stress levels down.

Living in Amsterdam has been a dream come true, and I’m delighted with my new life here. I encourage anyone considering a move to prepare well and embrace the adventure ahead.